jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Fotografía de estudio - Moto de Kaneda / Studio photography - Kaneda's bike


 Estimado visitante;

Ha sido un largo viaje éste de hacer la moto de Kaneda pero ya está llegando a su fin.

Habiendo terminado la parte del texturado me dispongo a sacar unas fotos de la moto. La primera de ellas es, en realidad, dos. Puesto que es la misma foto pero con dos versiones, una con carenado y otra, sin él.

He aquí la moto en su primera foto de estudio en todo su esplendor:

Aquí unas imágenes de detalles:


Ésa era la versión con el carenado puesto, ahora veamos la versión sin carenado, más "industrial":

Aquí unas imágenes de detalles:

Espero que guste al visitante y que, ya que se pasa por aquí, comente qué le parece lo que ve. :)


Dear visitor;

It's been a long journey but, finally, my personal vision of the Kaneda's bike featured in the film Akira is arriving to its final stage.

I've just finished the texturing phase (very challenging I must say) and now the bike is ready to be shot, so here is the first shot I've made. It's a typical studio photography with two versions of the bike, one with fairing and one without.

So here is the first version of the photo studio shot:

Some closeups:


And now the second version, the one without the fairing:

The closeups:

I hope you've enjoyed this journey as much as I've done, and please comment. :)

8 comentarios:

Bruno (Brazil) dijo...

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice work!
Very well done!!!
Are you gonna make this public? Or you gonna sell the model?

joie dijo...

Hi Bruno, glad to see you coming back :)

I don't know why anybody would pay for this bike, you can't use in anything not related to Akira :P

That said, the bike is ready for animating, but not ready for production, the shaders are not optimized for production render times I'm afraid.

Anónimo dijo...

Realmente espectacular!
Hace unos días volví ver la película tras mucho tiempo y me quedé con las ganas de modelar esta moto. Dudo que lo hubiese hecho mejor que tú.

Un saludo y sigue deleitándonos con tus creaciones.


Luis Miguel Ferrer dijo...

Es impresionante le nivel de detalle. Gran trabajo!

Manu dijo...

Buen modelo!

Aunque los shaders/texturas de las partes de metal desnudo no me acaban de convencer. Dan la sensación de ser demasiado nuevos para el nivel de desgaste que se aprecia en las texturas.

Gran trabajo de cualquier modo.


Tord Stubberud dijo...

Hi, Joie.

I'm a freelance graphics artist and illustrator from norway.

I wondered if you would like to maybe help me with a small personal project of mine?

Basically I want to remake the original, classic hand-drawn Akira movie poster, only with a slight update in style. Think "how would the same poster look if the movie was live-action". I am going to base everything on photography, including the bike...sort of.

I've tried searching for some good photo reference of the bike on the web. But after a while I decided I'll try to make it in 3d myself. That was right before I came across your blog and saw your incredibly detailed model. It looks amizingly photo real, and would blend perfectly in with the tone of this new take on the old posterart.

I would only need a couple of hi-res renders of your model, and you will of course get all the cred for the use of your model.

If you find this at all interesting, send me an e-mail:)


also, if you wish -check out my portfolio and look at some of my other poster designs. I will treat this as a real payed job btw :)


Thanks in advance
Tord Stubberud:)

Anónimo dijo...

Would you "lend" me you model?
Or sell it, if you prefer : )
This is such a great piece of work i'd love to have it and give it a spin from time to time.
Thanks! Please contact me at brunoosti@gmail.com

Unknown dijo...

Hey my friend I juste buy a 3d printer and I would like to make kandea bike... Can I have ur files... In exchange I will send u one bike to